What Diva Productions Does: Brings laughter and drama to Singapore with International live theatre productions

Founded in 2004 by Heather Riley, Diva Productions was inspired by a deep personal commitment and love of the entertainment business. Leveraging her background in sales and media, Heather set out to provide Singapore residents and businesses with rich experiences and opportunities in theatre, music and comedy. Diva Productions has since promoted and managed a number of hit international shows and productions providing corporate sponsorship, educational workshops, marketing services and VIP experiences.

Diva Productions brings International Theatre Productions to Singapore.

Video Gallery of past and present shows


Creating Premium Sponsorship Opportunties

Diva Productions understands that one of the most important assets any company has is its brand. We understand how to add value to our clients by unlocking unique and valuable sponsorship opportunities that differentiate and motivate their customers. We do this in partnership with our clients many of whom have worked with Diva Productions over several years, by combining a deep understanding of their needs with our expertise in entertainment and with identifying relevant target audiences.

Every brand is different which is why we work with a wide range of international promotors and productions to provide exclusive and customized sponsorship solutions across different types of entertainment. These unique corporate client packages can range from pre-show and post-show hospitality, backstage VIP experiences or private shows for example. To find out how Diva Productions can help your business, contact us at enquiries@divaproductions.sg


  • Super Santa Christmas Show 2019
  • The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers
  • Twelth Night
  • Henry Blofeld


What's Coming Next

What Our Clients Say

  • Heather always brings us fresh insight into the market place as well as new approaches on how to improve our business. Heather’s passion for delivering results for clients such as Affordable Art Fair has meant we have continued working with her and Diva Productions since 2010 - this is exactly what Diva Productions provides.
    Camila Hewitson
    Asia Regional Managing Director at Affordable Art Fair
  • Diva Productions has consistently been a fantastic partner to work with in the past few years. The organization always introduces great shows the whole family will enjoy and our schools across the region have benefited from Diva Productions' expertise in the market.
    Wai Yan Yip
    Marketing Manager, Cognita Asia
  • To put some people in the room and hold an event is easy, but to have the right topics, the right people, and the right atmosphere is different - that is what DIVA PRODUCTIONS provides.
    Camila Hewitson
    Asia Regional Managing Director Affordable Art Fair